Welcome, Publishers and Conversion Houses

Special Announcement about FTP Deliveries

As of June 4, 2018, the FTP delivery procedure will change to a new, simplified submission procedure!

  • You will no longer submit a tracking email for your deliveries.
  • You will no longer need to separate out new deliveries and resubmissions.
  • You will no longer submit a metadata Excel sheet with new file deliveries.
  • You will receive a daily automated email that shows the upload status of files delivered the previous business day.

For more information please check out the archived webinar or PowerPoint on the Resources and Videos page!

Submitting NIMAS files to the NIMAC

Under IDEA 2004, publishers of K-12 instructional materials are required to produce and submit NIMAS files to the NIMAC when customers include this requirement in the language of their print book purchase agreements and adoption contracts. Publishers are also welcome to submit NIMAS files to the NIMAC voluntarily or in anticipation of such contracts. For more information on how publishers work with the NIMAC, check out our FAQ!


Resources and Videos

Please visit our Resources and Videos Page for help with file submission, NIMAS best practices, sample files and other guides.